duck-turtle-smReading is Fabulous!

Thanks for the great book! Thanks for sending us a copy of your book. I really liked it. I think you got the tone just right for young girls. I was not surprised to see in your bio that you have one of your own. I also really liked how there was a pledge not to lie at the end. I just read a book about kid’s development that said they all “try out” lying since it gives them a sense of power. I’m sure a story about how it’s not a good thing will help them understand why it may seem exciting but it really just causes more problems. I hope you keep writing books. I’m sure there are more adventures that Fabulous Glitter Girl will be having.

Craig Ring

Visual Effect / Animation Department; Craig Ring is known for his work on Forrest Gump (1994), How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and Batman Forever (1995).

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No better times are spent with our children than when we are reading a book together! …Fabulous Glitter Girl has not only become one of our favorites but the story comes most alive once we sprinkle the “Glitter” on each other and our own story comes to life… thanks to all of that “Fabulous Glitter Girl” inspiration!

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Manny Cuevas

Celebrity Fashion Designer and Father of Three Fabulous Children

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